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During the summer in Central Manchester the restaurants and bars can become uncomfortably hot for customers and staff, especially if the latest air conditioning equipment is not fitted. Customers expect to be able to enjoy their meal or drinks in comfort.


Hot air from kitchens can ingress on the eating space in restaurants and a busy bar with not much standing room can be uncomfortable if too warm. Food can spoil and cold drinks can lose their chill easily. Celsius Air Conditioning Ltd can provide solutions to these issues.

Where premises allow Celsius Air Conditioning can fit a ceiling cassette unit to circulate cool air around the areas it is most required. The ceiling unit is an effective and unobtrusive method of controlling temperature.


Where no ceiling space is available or a suspended ceiling is not fitted, a wall mounted unit would be fitted. Installed at a high level, the wall unit would be hidden away from view and would provide a cooling experience for your customers and staff. Call today for your free consultation and a no obligation quote.

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With no disruption to your workforce or customers, we can fit a new air conditioning unit with no hassle and at low cost. Call us today for details

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